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Using the experience we have gained at a variety of events we have developed a unique staffing package that delivers professionally selected and managed event teams. Our clients need to provide a first class service to their customers, portray the correct image and freedom to run a smooth event is also our focus. We understand the event industry and know that to achieve these goals the essential ingredient to make the difference can be the quality and management of the front line staff.


We are dedicated to providing a complete package, not only ensuring that our staff arrive well informed, smart and equipped for work but that they are also placed efficiently and happily into their roles. We then manage the staff on site so that our clients are free to dedicate their time to the event.


We are experienced in providing very large teams of stewards, car parking assistants, bar managers and bar workers and maintaining standards and numbers throughout the event. From an afternoon concert in glorious sunshine to a four-day weekend festival in muddy wet festival fields we strive to have our staff smiling to the end.

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