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Sshh, Listen To The Silence

The Silent Disco is the new must have for festivals and events and it is the portable way to hold a disco in just about any location.

Without the need for traditional speaker systems seen in festivals and nightclubs, everyone is given a set of wireless headphones to listen to 2 DJ's playing on separate channels.

You can listen to what you want to, if you don't like what's playing, just press the switch and listen to the second channel for a second choice of music!

Keep The Neighbours Happy!

As well as a fun event, the Silent Disco solves the problem of sound pollution. Whether it's late at night or during the day, a Silent Disco reduces the noise that a traditional disco would produce so you can party later and for longer! 

We can provide a Silent Disco service to just about any event imaginable, from clubs to pubs, conferences to live music concerts, indoors or outdoors. Adding a Silent Disco event is sure to make your event unforgettable and will have people talking for weeks!


Get in touch with us and we can provide detailed information and quotes to make sure that organising a silent disco is an easy and stress free experience. 


"We were really impressed with your service and everything worked exactly as we wanted it to. I will recommend your services to anyone I know who needs silent disco hire" 
Daniele de Lissandri - Administrator and Project Assistant, Cape UK

For more information, 
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